Chiropractic Adjustments Help Leg Pain Sufferers Find Relief in Foxboro MA

    Chiropractic care is generally associated with the lower and upper back – but a Foxboro MA chiropractor can also help with certain causes of leg pain.

    Extremity or joint adjustment is something a chiropractor can do to help with pain in the hips and knees. The former can be caused by bursitis – an inflammation of the sac around the joint – which is a significant cause of hip pain.

    Another cause of leg pain is sciatica – pain that travels from the buttocks down one, or more rarely, both legs, sometimes associated with numbness and tingling. Sciatica can be highly disabling – in fact, many people with sciatica cannot walk either much of the time or just during flare-ups, and they may fall when the condition flares. The cause is compression of the sciatic nerve, often caused by misaligned vertebrae in the lumber spine or slipped discs – both of which can be helped by a chiropractor. Another common cause is piriformis syndrome – spasms of the muscle that rotates the hip causing pressure on the nerve.

    Not all leg pain, of course, is sciatica, but other nerves in the back can also become pinched and cause radiating pain in the legs, as can nerves in the legs themselves – pinching of the femoral nerve, for example, can cause pain in the hip and knee. Chiropractic adjustment can relieve the pressure on nerves, resolving the pain in the back, legs, or both. As the only other option to relieve a pinched nerve is surgery, it is always worth going to a good chiropractor first to establish whether it can be resolved without it.

    A good chiropractor will do a thorough examination, possibly including x-rays, to establish the root cause of your leg pain and then do their best to resolve it. If you have leg pain, especially if it is associated with numbness or tingling, you should contact a chiropractor for a consultation.

    "For over 25 years I have had back, neck and shoulder problems. Since my first visit with you in January 2010, I have not only regained my posture but have found your exercise drills to be of the utmost importance in keeping my back straight, and free of pain. I feel better, younger, and stronger, I even lost 10 pounds.
    My sincere thanks to you and your professional and very friendly support team."
    Foxboro, MA

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