Chiropractor in Foxboro MA Assists in Helping Locals Get Hip Pain Relief

    Can chiropractors help with hip pain? It depends on the cause, but many causes of hip pain respond well to chiropractic care.

    In many cases, hip pain is caused by overuse injuries – routine activities put a stress on the joint which causes inflammation of the muscles surrounding it. A fall, especially in an older adult, can also cause trauma to the hips – even if no bones are broken. Minor falls can cause bursitis, an inflammation of the sac surrounding the hip, which can be quite painful.

    In older adults, hip pain is most often caused by osteoarthritis, and while there is no way to reverse the progressive joint degeneration, chiropractic care can slow it down – and thus allow patients to delay joint replacement surgery, with its associated annoyances, downtime and often permanent loss of function.

    Hip pain can also be caused by sciatica – when the sciatic nerve is pinched or irritated – or by problems in the joints that connect the hips to the spine. The symptoms of sciatica respond well to chiropractic adjustment. Because there are so many possible causes of hip pain (Inflammatory bowel syndrome and hernias can also cause pain in the hips) it is vital to get a full examination to determine what is causing your problems. Choose a Foxboro MA chiropractor with plenty of experience and who uses proven, research supported methods to resolve pain and aid health. In addition to manipulation, the chiropractor may also prescribe therapeutic exercise and/or postural rehabilitation (working on aspects of your posture that may be contributing to the pain).

    If you are experiencing chronic hip pain, then contact a good chiropractor for a proper examination to determine what is wrong. Hip pain can be a sign of other diseases, so it is very important to quickly establish the cause.

    "For over 25 years I have had back, neck and shoulder problems. Since my first visit with you in January 2010, I have not only regained my posture but have found your exercise drills to be of the utmost importance in keeping my back straight, and free of pain. I feel better, younger, and stronger, I even lost 10 pounds.
    My sincere thanks to you and your professional and very friendly support team."
    Foxboro, MA

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