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    December 2016

    Foxboro MA Athletic Injury Safety Tips

    For many people who participate in any organized sport, they will experience an increased risk of injury or accidents. A Foxboro MA chiropractor would like to offer a few safety tips to help athletes avoid injury:

    • Always warm up before a scheduled activity – Warming up muscles and stretching ligaments improves your body’s functionality, and decreases the risk for a tendon or muscle strain.
    • Always cool down afterwards – Cooling down will help to prevent post-workout soreness, and will also help the heart to get back to its regular pre-workout rhythm.
    • Use the right equipment – If you wear helmets, pads or shoes that are either too large or too small, it may cause injuries. Your footwear should be snug and supportive but not too tight.
    • Take it slow – Don’t be a weekend warrior. Start out slowly and then gradually increase your workout intensity. If your body’s been inactive, suddenly running 6 miles will deliver a shock to the system. Start by walking, then progress to slow jogging, and finally to regular jogging.
    • Do some stretches or other activity during the week, every other day – Don’t wait for the weekend only for workouts.
    • Let your body rest properly after you’ve injured yourself – Your body needs time to heal, so that your muscles and joints can completely recover.
    • Cross-train – Mix it up a bit. Don’t focus on just one activity.
    • Stay hydrated.
    • Use the RICE method – Rest, Ice, then Compression and Elevation after an injury.

    A Foxboro MA chiropractor is waiting to address any athletic injuries you many have sustained. They offer spinal adjustments, manipulation of your extremities (foot, shoulder, knee, etc.), and spinal decompression therapy. They also offer myofascial therapy for tendonitis, tight muscles, and muscle stiffness, employing trigger-point therapy, active-release technique, and assisted soft-tissue mobilization using a Graston instrument.

    In addition, they will provide personalized rehabilitation exercise programs to address extremity and spinal complaints, ultrasound, Russian stimulation, interferential current therapy, and nutritional consultation. Contact a Foxboro MA chiropractor at your earliest convenience to schedule an appointment or a consultation.

    Tritown Chiropractic Offices in Foxboro MA, Recognized as an Authority on Natural Spinal Pain Relief

    There is no other ailment that the majority of American people suffer from than back or spinal pain. Millions of people unknowingly cover up spinal pain by taking painkillers with harmful side effects initiated by well-meaning primary care physicians who do work with skilled chiropractors.

    Pain medications do relieve spinal pain, but too many pain relieving agents, taken for months and even years does irreversible damage to your vital organs. The liver is one vital organ in which NSAIDs do damage. The liver is the organ in your body that filters out toxins from the body. If the liver has to filter toxic painkillers and NSAIDs daily, it becomes damaged, and this damage cannot be fixed.

    Are you thinking about surgical intervention on your spine with the intention of eliminating your back pain? Any procedure that brakes your skin places your body at risk for other side effects and health issues such as, addiction to painkillers, infection at the surgical site, and longer healing times.

    Pain is never considered normal.

    Pain is not a side effect of aging.

    Pain caused by underlying issues seldom is discovered by primary care physicians. Your MA Chiropractic quickly detects underlying problems and fixes the problems through healthy and painless approaches.

    It makes more sense to apply natural spinal relief approaches used by this Foxboro MA Chiropractor who has over 30-years of experience relieving spinal pain naturally due to,

    • Headaches
    • Neck Pain
    • Back Pain
    • Low Back Pain
    • Muscle strain and sprains
    • Pinched Nerves
    • Herniated Disc

    Natural, means that these methods reduce your pain without cutting into the body and without taking harmful drugs that affect your liver function. Some easy and non-invasive natural approaches, providing pain relief and used for many centuries are utilized by this seasoned Foxboro MA Chiropractor.

    • Spinal adjustments
    • Spinal Adjustments
    • Hot and Cold Therapy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Massage Therapy
    • Meditation
    • Simple Exercises
    • Therapeutic Remedies

    Do not wait another day and suffer from needless pain and discomfort. Call your Foxboro MA Chiropractor for a free, no obligation exam and consult. Get onto a healthy pathway by using natural pain relief methods.

    Contact Person Name: Dr. Cameron MacEwen DC
    Organization: Tritown Chiropractic
    Address: 211 North Street (at Route 1), Suite Number 7, Foxboro, MA 02035
    Contact Telephone Number: (508) 698-0688

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