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    February 2017

    Tritown Chiropractic Offices in Foxboro MA, Offers DOT CDL Exams

    Truckers? Tritown Chiropractic Offices has you covered for certified DOT medical exams and renewals.

    All drivers who operate a large vehicle in interstate commerce must pass a DOT medical exam every 24 months – but many do not know that chiropractors can often perform these exams.

    Tritown Chiropractic is fully certified to provide DOT medical exams to truckers and commercial drivers. The clinic has all of the required knowledge, training, and equipment to ensure that customers are safe to drive. Their convenient office is open until 6pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and on Saturday morning, and they offer quality chiropractic techniques as well as correctly performed DOT exams.

    They are also able to assist with some of the medical issues truckers are prone to, including back pain from long periods of sitting or from loading/unloading, as well as repetitive strain injuries. This makes going to a chiropractor for a physical make more sense, in many ways, than going to a medical doctor – and, of course, if they find something that might require the attention of a primary physician, they will coordinate with them to ensure that it is resolved – whether or not it affects qualification.

    Doctors of Chiropractic are just as ready and prepared to give DOT physicals as doctors of medicine, and often better qualified to help truckers stay fit, healthy, and comfortable in the cab. So, truckers should consider booking their physical, whether for a new license or a renewal, at this Foxboro MA chiropractor – and while they are there they should be willing to talk about issues that their physically demanding job might be creating. Tritown Chiropractic has been established for over 20 years and has the knowledge truckers need to both pass their physicals and stay healthy.

    Contact Information:

    Contact Person Name: Dr. Cameron MacEwen DC

    Organization: Tritown Chiropractic

    Address: 211 North Street (at Route 1), Suite Number 7, Foxboro, MA 02035

    Contact Telephone Number: (508) 698-0688



    Understand the Benefits of Chiropractic Care with Foxboro MA Chiropractor

    A Foxboro MA Chiropractor is committed to excellence in all chiropractic care services. This includes spinal column adjustments, which help re-align the spine and tackle any nerve or exterior tension. Therapeutic massages are a constant as well, which help ease joint, ligament, tendon and muscle strains. In recent years, nautical and/or hydro-based therapies have been used to combat pain or immobility stemming from lack of blood-flow and varicose veins.

    There is also spinal decompression, thermal heat therapies, and traditional pain-relievers that secure immediate and timely solace. As part of any checkup, Foxboro doctors will also take plenty of scans, contrast imaging, and x-rays to look for underlying issues and problems cause surface or interior pain. In a nutshell, patients always receive timely, affordable, and comprehensive care across the board.

    With years of extensive chiropractic experience, area doctors have the tools to combat or remedy a number of pain issues. In fact, massage therapies are utilized to alleviate back knots, along with tension in the shoulders, neck and upper cervical or spinal areas. Adjustments help remove pockets of pain in the back due to daily anxiety and stress.

    Scoliosis care may require bone density tests to determine calcium levels in the body. If these levels are low, supplements will be given to restore normal functionality and performance. For patients in dire pain, surgical procedures are available to correct the issues at their core. These procedures, however, will be determined by your chiropractor; and usually occurs when all traditional care techniques have failed.

    While results tend to vary from individual to individual, chiropractors are committed to helping you live pain-free and healthy lives. This is why they never give up on any patient – even if they are experiencing chronic pain due to terminal illnesses or other medical ailments.

    Discover Optimal Wellness and Health with Foxboro MA Chiropractic Office

    A Foxboro MA Chiropractor offers a range of healthcare and wellness services for all patients. This includes pain management and remediation, along with nutritional guidance and support. With years of extensive chiropractic experience, area physicians also help alleviate pain and tension stemming from anxiety and stress. The latter plays a pivotal role in psychosomatic episodes – where patients believe they have serious illnesses or medical ailments due to daily tension. However, it takes a professional and dedicated chiropractor to examine the body for all underlying issues and root causes of pain. This may include obesity, as well as lack of calcium or even bone density issues.

    Foxboro back doctors utilize the latest pain management techniques. This includes therapeutic massages, along with thermal heat and adjustment therapies. All these techniques are designed to alleviate head, neck, back and shoulder pain – while soothing aching muscles and revitalizing the body as a whole. Services also include intricate checkups for physiological problems, as well as pain management due to auto-related accidents, slips, falls and so much more. With a full range of services and most insurance plans accepted, now is the right time to get the professional help you need with local chiropractors. You can also browse the Web to check for physician referrals, patient testimonials, and industry ratings for any local chiropractic firm or center.

    Local doctors genuinely are about the welfare and well-being of each and every patient. This is why the go above and beyond the call of duty to listen to all patient concerns, while formulating strategic care plans that tackle and hopefully resolve their pain-related issues. The latter may includes scoliosis, bulging discs, slipped discs, and wrenched backs – along with migraines, upper cervical distress and damages to the vertebrae. If you are tired of dealing with daily pain and want your freedom and mobility back, simply contact your local Foxboro chiropractor today to schedule and appointment.

    Tritown Chiropractic Offices in Foxboro MA, Offers Non Surgical Spinal Decompression

    Non-surgical spinal decompression involves the use of a special, computer-controlled traction table that sends the patient through planned cycles of distraction and relaxation.

    This relatively new technique is already showing tremendous promise as a better way of treating severely herniated discs than traditional methods. It works by creating negative pressure inside the targeted disc that helps gently, over time, “nudge” the disc back into place. It also improves nutrient flow to the injured area. The principles have been used by chiropractors for years – what is special is the computerized control that makes for a more precise application of pressure.

    Because this technique is so new, patients might hear that it is unproven – the fact is that the studies have not all come in yet, but the treatment is still shown as effective for herniated discs and sciatica, especially in combination with traditional chiropractic therapy and therapeutic exercise.

    Not everyone is a candidate for non-surgical spinal decompression. Tritown Chiropractic carefully screens patients to ensure that only those who will benefit from the therapy receive it. This Foxboro MA chiropractor has been in business since 1990, so they have plenty of experience determining which therapies are best for which individual patients.

    They will offer non-surgical spinal decompression as part of a comprehensive plan of care that may include spinal adjustments, a personalized exercise program, ultrasound and other therapies and nutrition advice. Patients suffering from lower back pain should make an appointment for an initial consultation to find out whether they are a potential candidate for non-surgical spinal decompression therapy and what this revolutionary new treatment for back pain can do for them.

    Contact Person Name: Dr. Cameron MacEwen DC
    Organization: Tritown Chiropractic
    Address: 211 North Street (at Route 1), Suite Number 7, Foxboro, MA 02035
    Contact Telephone Number: (508) 698-0688

    Foot Pain Sufferers in Foxboro MA Find Relief through Chiropractic

    Most people usually see podiatrists when dealing with foot problems. This includes flat-fleet issues, along with plantar fasciitis and related ailments. However, a Foxboro MA Chiropractor also helps foot pain sufferers with a range of industry-leading techniques. This includes therapeutic massages, which are designed to restore optimal foot flexibility and mobility. Patients may also be subscribed special orthopedic shoes, which help the feet regain proper balance while walking. As always, your chiropractic professional will check the feet for any underlying issues that may be the origin of your overall pain and discomfort.

    Plantar Fasciitis – A Growing Problem

    Plantar fasciitis has truly become a growing problem across the country. In fact, several podiatric and chiropractic journals have chronicled the rise of this extensive foot problem – which mainly affects athletes. Even if you live an active and healthy lifestyle, this and other foot ailments can seriously curtail sports and overall activities. With years of extensive industry experience, Foxboro chiropractors have the tools to tackle pain stemming from plantar fasciitis. While the latter is essentially inflammation of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes – special shoes may be worn to combat tension and restore overall flexibility and mobility. Pain relievers and special ointments may be prescribed as well. However, surgical procedures are the only way to correct this issue in cases of extensive distress.

    Professional Chiropractic Care for Foot Problems

    If you are dealing with daily or chronic foot pain, do not wait for irreparable harm and damage to set in. Remember, while most foot pain does dissipate on its own – this is only for general problems that affect people of all ages. For more extensive issues – including toe pain, heel pain, or tissue and tendon swelling and tears – you simply need a professional and experienced hand to help you. Foxboro Chiropractors are genuinely concerned about the health and welfare of all patients. Sadly, many patients tend to ignore foot problems until they become true causes of concerns. Do not let that happen to you and please contact your local chiropractor today!

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