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    March 2017

    Learn About Proprioceptive Rehabilitation from a Foxboro MA Chiropractic Office

    Chiropractors employ many methods to maintain and restore their patients’ wellbeing, health, and quality of life. One of the many methods used by a Foxboro MA chiropractor that can help to relieve a patient’s suffering is proprioceptive rehabilitation. Proprioception refers to your body’s capacity to sense movement inside your joints. Your body uses this ability to be able to know precisely where our limbs are located without having to look with our eyes. Proprioception is especially useful when we are carrying out complicated sport maneuvers when precise coordination is of the essence.

    Our proprioceptive system contains many receptor nerves that are located in the joints, ligaments, and muscles around our joints. These receptor nerves are able to sense stretch and tension, and passes this information on to our brain where it’s processed. Next out brain responds by signaling our muscles to relax or contract in order to perform the desired movement. This subconscious system can by damaged by injuries to ligaments and joints, and that means that our brain can receive impaired information.

    Consequently our joints can feel strange and not quite right. Once a joint or ligament has been partially or completely torn, the proprioceptive capacity of an individual may be decreased, leaving them prone to re-injure themselves, and decreasing their coordination during a sport.

    A Foxboro MA chiropractor can help athletes with proprioceptive rehabilitation by offering them a combination of rehabilitative exercises plus physical therapy. Exercise is critically important if a person wants to decrease or be free of pain caused by injury or overuse during daily work, activities, and sports. Exercises may consist of teaching proprioceptive balance training so that your body returns to its most stable, efficient, balanced position for optimal functioning and performance.

    Patients will learn strengthening exercises for rehabilitation of weakened or injured muscles. Patients will also learn how to strengthen their rotator cuffs, exercises to increase flexibility, and core stabilization exercises that will help to train their muscular and nervous systems to coordinate efficient, safe, movements. A Foxboro MA chiropractor has exercises that could be beneficial immediately after an injury or as soon as a patient is able to stand full weight bearing

    Discover The Benefits of Physical Therapy with a Foxboro MA Chiropractor

    Many patients have benefited from receiving a combination of chiropractic care and physical therapy. Chiropractors can address misalignments of bones and any joint fixation. Physical therapy is great for addressing all of your soft-tissue pains (ligaments, tendons, and muscles). A combination of chiropractic care and physical therapy can help you to feel pain relief and help to stop the possible formation of arthritis and degenerative disc disease.


    A Foxboro MA chiropractor can help you with physical therapy to feel better quickly. There are many methods he can employ, including myofascial release, taping methods (using Kinesio taping to facilitate your body’s healing process, while at the same time allowing support and stability to joints and muscles), manual therapy, Graston Soft Tissue Mobilization, postural rehabilitation, ART (Active Release Technique), PIR (Post Isometric Relaxation), and spinal decompression therapy.


    Spinal decompression therapy is a non-surgical, modern, traction procedure that can relieve neck, low back, arm, and radiating leg pain. Traction may also help degenerative spinal discs, facet joint syndromes, and spinal disc herniation. Post-isometric relaxation places your muscle into a stretched position. Next, an isometric contraction is performed against minimal resistance. A gentle stretch and relaxation follows when the muscle releases.


    A Foxboro MA chiropractor can help patients with postural rehabilitation. This is a form of physical therapy that encompasses your entire body. A chiropractor uses manual techniques, specific exercises, and postural recommendations to help patients align their posture and get relief from pain and dysfunction. A chiropractor can do a state-of-the-art soft tissue massage technique that can provide relief for tendons, muscles, ligaments, nerves, and fascia.


    A chiropractor can use Graston Soft-Tissue Mobilization, which utilizes a type of manual therapy called soft tissue instrument assisted mobilization. A special instrument is used to scrape and massage a patient’s skin gently. This is useful for breaking down scar tissue that may be associated with a form of soft tissue trauma, like a pulled tendon, fascia, or ligament, or a strained muscle. This technique can also benefit patients by activating certain nerve fibers. In addition, a patient’s sense organs, like proprioceptors and mechanoreceptors, can respond to this type of special treatment.

    Understanding The Importance of Flexibility with a Foxboro MA Chiropractor

    Flexibility is the capacity of your joints and muscles to move easily through a complete range of motion. We need flexibility every day to perform our daily activities – activities like bending over to tie our sneakers, reaching the cupboard’s top shelf to get out some cereal, even simply getting out of our beds. If we’re flexible, we are much more likely to remain healthier and injury free. A Foxboro MA chiropractor knows that there are ways to maintain and improve our flexibility.

    Chiropractors are trained in various techniques including exercise physiology, neuromuscular rehabilitation, and muscle therapy – highly effective ways to alleviate pain and support the healing process. Chiropractic adjustments are an excellent way to both maintain our spinal health and influence proper muscle function and alignment. In addition, adjustments encourage flexibility by helping you to maintain your mobility, decrease the risk of muscle strains and other injuries, improve our posture and balance, enhance our athletic performance, and even increase much needed blood flow to our muscles.

    A Foxboro MA chiropractor sees the impact of a sedentary lifestyle on your flexibility. He knows what weight gain and aging can do to limit the almost unlimited range-of-motion we enjoyed as children. If we lose flexibility, everyday movements become more difficult, our athletic performances are limited, and it takes a longer time to recover from injuries.

    Chiropractic adjustments can target those out of alignment spinal joints that might be limiting your movements and creating pain. Adjustments can help if you’re having back pains in your sacroiliac joints whenever you stand up, and they, combined with stretching, will help you to loosen up your ligaments, muscles, and tendons. A Foxboro MA chiropractor can give you some tips on stretching and posture exercises that can help you to gain more flexibility.

    Chiropractors can help their patients to achieve better flexibility and wellness. They can devise a plan with their patient to improve their quality of life. Chiropractic adjustments can improve the functions of the entire body, as well as providing much-needed pain relief.

    How a Foxboro MA Chiropractor Helps Alleviate Severe Shoulder Pain

    A Foxboro MA Chiropractor is committed to excellence in all pain-management services. This includes shoulder pain remedies, which help restore proper mobility and normal settings. Shoulders are notorious for amassing tension and stress on a daily basis. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why shoulders get hard and tense – especially during emotional or physically exhausting episodes.

    From pain relievers and therapeutic massage to adjustments and acupuncture, chiropractors utilize a myriad of techniques to curtail and hopefully eradicate shoulder pain. As always, scans will be taken to determine the root causes, underlying issues, and severity of your shoulder pain and distress.

    The shoulders play a crucial role in overall and daily mobility. With connected nerves, tissue, and muscle – even the slightest pain can radiate throughout the upper cervical and spinal areas. Pain can also travel down the spine and back; resulting in lack of mobility and sporadic or shooting pains.

    With just one phone call, however, you can access the best chiropractic care and services for shoulder-related pain and injuries. This includes pain relievers and therapeutic massages, along with adjustments and weekly rehab sessions for pulled muscles and other related problems. Area chiropractors understand how mild or severe shoulder pain can be. With this in mind, they offer a range of helpful care plans that tackle and resolve all pain – at all levels.

    As part of any chiropractic examination, doctors will also check for interior nerve or muscle damages. These problems are notorious for causing daily tension and pain the shoulders and other parts of the body. They will also check to see if any pre-existing medical conditions are causing shoulder and bodily distress. If you are tired of experiencing sporadic or constant shoulder pain, don’t wait for irreparable harm and damage to set in. Simply contact your local chiropractor today and get the professional and affordable pain-relief services you need.

    Tritown Chiropractic Offices in Foxboro MA, Offers DOT Physical Exams

    Federal law says that truckers have to pass a regular physical – Tritown Chiropractic can do your DOT medical exams for a reasonable price.

    Tritown Chiropractic Offices are pleased to announce that they now offer medical examinations for CDL license holders. They are nationally certified to perform the appropriate medical exams.

    Truckers are required to pass a physical examination before they get their CDL and then every two years. There are some waivers for drivers with physical impairment or hearing problems. The exam can be done by any medical professional licensed to perform the test – which tests vision, hearing, blood pressure, pulse rate, blood, sugar and protein in urine, heart murmurs, etc.

    The advantage of having your DOT physical performed by a Foxboro MA chiropractor is that chiropractors have experience dealing with the conditions most often experienced by truckers as a result of their occupation. Truckers are prone to “truckers shoulder” – a repetitive strain injury in the shoulder from managing the wheel of a large vehicle. Many also experience neck and back pain from extended sitting, carpal tunnel from driving, or joint damage in the legs from jumping in and out of the cab. All of these respond well to chiropractic treatment – which means that when coming into a chiropractor’s office for a physical a driver can also talk to them about the aches and pains they might be experiencing as a result of their demanding profession. Some truckers also injure their back or joints when loading and unloading.

    In other words, a qualified chiropractor who is certified to perform a DOT physical is also the best person to help truckers with their overall health. Truckers who are just starting out or renewing their license should consider Tritown Chiropractic Offices for their next required physical.

    Contact Person Name: Dr. Cameron MacEwen DC
    Organization: Tritown Chiropractic
    Address: 211 North Street (at Route 1), Suite Number 7, Foxboro, MA 02035
    Contact Telephone Number: (508) 698-0688

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