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    June 2017

    Tritown Chiropractic Offices in Foxboro MA Offers the Very Best in Spinal Rehabilitation

    Tritown Chiropractic Offices in Foxboro MA Offers the Very Best in Spinal Rehabilitation

    Dr. Cameron MacEwen is the area’s leading chiropractor. He provides several spinal therapies to address health problems caused by nervous system dysfunction.

    Foxboro, MA-June 19, 2017 -Tritown Chiropractic is pleased to announce that they offer comprehensive spinal rehabilitation therapies to alleviate conditions related to impaired nerve functioning.

    Since the spine connects the brain with the rest of the body, it’s the primary pathway for conducting nerve signals that regulate the body’s many systems. Spinal misalignments can interfere with nerve signal transmission, causing health problems in areas of the body associated with the affected nerves. Tritown Chiropractic provides a variety of therapies to correct and prevent spinal irregularities.

    In many cases, spinal adjustments are administered to gently put the spine into proper alignment, reducing pain and improving nervous system functioning.

    Spinal decompression therapy is available for patients who have herniated or bulging discs, or other conditions affecting the spine. The procedure alleviates pain and inflammation to promote recovery.

    Dr. MacEwen may use other modalities, such as ultrasound, laser therapy, and massage, to augment the benefits of adjustments or decompression therapy. This chiropractor also uses The Graston technique to address soft tissue injuries throughout the body, including in the neck and back.

    Recognizing the importance of fitness in maintaining optimal health, this Foxboro chiropractor often recommends exercises to strengthen muscles and keep the body balanced. When done in conjunction with chiropractic therapy, exercise can be helpful in managing back pain and other conditions stemming from spinal misalignments.

    Chiropractic care is also aimed at preventing misalignments and injuries in the first place. Dr. MacEwen uses digital imaging and other assessments to pinpoint underlying causes of health problems. He can also evaluate patients to determine whether other health or lifestyle factors may be contributing to musculoskeletal problems.

    Doctor MacEwen is one of the few chiropractic physicians in the United States to be granted hospital privileges, so you can rest assured that your back will be in good hands.

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    211 North Street, Ste 7
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