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    “I hear neck adjustments can cause strokes.”

    There have been irresponsible news reports that have frightened and mislead viewers about the relationship between manipulation of the upper neck (a procedure commonly performed by chiropractors) and stroke.
    People have had strokes backing their cars out of their driveways, having their hair washed at beauty parlors, while shaving, while sitting on their couch, etc. That doesn’t mean any of these things caused the stroke.
    A recent study in the February issue of Spine (the most prestigious journal in spinal care) showed there is no greater likelihood of having a stroke after visiting a chiropractor than there is after visiting a medical doctor. Visits to both MD’s and Chiropractors are associated with strokes in that people experiencing some kinds of strokes often feel neck pain or headache that makes them seek a doctor’s care. In other words, the stroke causes the doctor visit, not the other way around.
    Chiropractic care is VERY safe.



    “My problem is my (foot, knee, wrist, elbow, shoulder, jaw, etc.) Chiropractors only treat backs, right?”


    I’ve heard the same is true of dentists, hair stylists and the guy who changes the oil in your car.

    But do you really have to keep going back to any of these people? No you don’t HAVE to, but many people CHOOSE to because they find the consequences of not going back are much worse than the minor inconvenience and expense of ongoing good care for their teeth, their hair or their SPINE.

    Most patients come to see us in pain. Many find that after a few weeks of care, not only is their pain gone, but they have more energy, sleep better, think more clearly and have a general sense of well-being that they want to keep forever. When they ask us how to accomplish that, we explain it is a combination of good self-care with diet, rest, exercise, stress management, etc. and infrequent but regular visits to the chiropractor. If they CHOOSE to continue care, we welcome them as a wellness patient. If they choose not to, we release them and wish them well.

    The choice is ALWAYS yours.

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