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    Mass DOT CDL Exam

    The Importance of a Current DOT Exams with a Chiropractor in Foxboro MA

    Staying in compliance with federal driving regulations is one of your most important responsibilities as a driver. Whether you drive a commercial truck or bus, you must prove that you are in good health and capable of driving safely on the roads.
    While some medical conditions are obvious to others such as missing a limb, others may be less visible. For this reason, you will be required to have a current DOT on file with your company before you are allowed to drive a heavy vehicle on the road for your career.
    When planning for DOT exams, the first thing you will need to do is find an approved licensed medical examiner. For many truck drivers, a visit to their preferred chiropractor is usually all it takes to get this requirement completed.
    During the exam, your chiropractor will examine you to find out if there are any major health issues that must be corrected before you can drive safely. For instance, a vision screening may be conducted to prove that you have your vision within the required range, even if you must wear corrective lenses.
    A complete health history will also be taken. You will need to tell your chiropractor if you have a history of heart disease, seizures or spinal cord injuries. During this portion of your exam, it is important to answer each question honestly because you can face serious repercussions for hiding the truth. If you test clear, then your DOT certificate will be issued to cover two years.
    For those with underlying medical conditions, you may still receive a certificate but be recommended for periodic testing that occurs more frequently. In some instances, you may be required to have certain medical conditions corrected before you can be approved for driving.
    Although drivers sometimes find these exams to be a hassle, they truly are important for protecting both the public’s safety and your own. Fortunately, you can minimize the inconvenience of getting your DOT exam by visiting your current chiropractor who performs other parts of your health care. Once you get your exam completed, you can then relax and enjoy knowing that you are clear for two more years.

    Tritown Chiropractic Offices in Foxboro MA, Offers DOT Physical Exams

    Federal law says that truckers have to pass a regular physical – Tritown Chiropractic can do your DOT medical exams for a reasonable price.

    Tritown Chiropractic Offices are pleased to announce that they now offer medical examinations for CDL license holders. They are nationally certified to perform the appropriate medical exams.

    Truckers are required to pass a physical examination before they get their CDL and then every two years. There are some waivers for drivers with physical impairment or hearing problems. The exam can be done by any medical professional licensed to perform the test – which tests vision, hearing, blood pressure, pulse rate, blood, sugar and protein in urine, heart murmurs, etc.

    The advantage of having your DOT physical performed by a Foxboro MA chiropractor is that chiropractors have experience dealing with the conditions most often experienced by truckers as a result of their occupation. Truckers are prone to “truckers shoulder” – a repetitive strain injury in the shoulder from managing the wheel of a large vehicle. Many also experience neck and back pain from extended sitting, carpal tunnel from driving, or joint damage in the legs from jumping in and out of the cab. All of these respond well to chiropractic treatment – which means that when coming into a chiropractor’s office for a physical a driver can also talk to them about the aches and pains they might be experiencing as a result of their demanding profession. Some truckers also injure their back or joints when loading and unloading.

    In other words, a qualified chiropractor who is certified to perform a DOT physical is also the best person to help truckers with their overall health. Truckers who are just starting out or renewing their license should consider Tritown Chiropractic Offices for their next required physical.

    Contact Person Name: Dr. Cameron MacEwen DC
    Organization: Tritown Chiropractic
    Address: 211 North Street (at Route 1), Suite Number 7, Foxboro, MA 02035
    Contact Telephone Number: (508) 698-0688


    “My problem is my (foot, knee, wrist, elbow, shoulder, jaw, etc.) Chiropractors only treat backs, right?”


    I’ve heard the same is true of dentists, hair stylists and the guy who changes the oil in your car.

    But do you really have to keep going back to any of these people? No you don’t HAVE to, but many people CHOOSE to because they find the consequences of not going back are much worse than the minor inconvenience and expense of ongoing good care for their teeth, their hair or their SPINE.

    Most patients come to see us in pain. Many find that after a few weeks of care, not only is their pain gone, but they have more energy, sleep better, think more clearly and have a general sense of well-being that they want to keep forever. When they ask us how to accomplish that, we explain it is a combination of good self-care with diet, rest, exercise, stress management, etc. and infrequent but regular visits to the chiropractor. If they CHOOSE to continue care, we welcome them as a wellness patient. If they choose not to, we release them and wish them well.

    The choice is ALWAYS yours.

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